• Pete M.,  R1150RT
  • Glenn B.,  R1200RT, R1100RT
  • Ed & Debbie J.,  R1200GS, G650GS
  • Marty & Sue S.,  R100R, R65
  • Chuck B.,  R1200RT
  • Gary W.,  F800GS
  • Mike M.,  Honda VFR1200DCT
  • Dave B.,  K1600GT
  • Kevin D.,  R1100R
  • Bill E.,  R100RT, R75/5
  • Jim & Camille A.,  K1200LT
  • Terry C.,  F800GT

Although motorcycle riding is romantic, motorcycle maintenance is purely classic.

  1. Romantic — riding a cycle down a mountain road, invigorated by the wind rushing past
  2. Classic — familiarizing yourself with the working parts of the machine, developing a feel for how tight to secure the bolts. Romantic experience is “in the moment.” Classical experience connects the past to the future, allowing us to build on previous knowledge.”               Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,      Robert Pirsig