Thanks Rich & Connie

From Richard and Connie Gamble, vacationing from Canada who joined our ride to Okeechobee:

Both Connie and I were thrilled to be included in your ride.  We met some great people and had a fabulous ride.

Your BMW group was exactly what I expected . . . a group of seasoned riders interested in the ride itself and most importantly in safety.

There were no “shenanigans” which are sometimes present when riding with larger groups of ‘V twin folks.’  Safety is very high on our list of criteria for an enjoyable group ride. Your fine group now has resources in the north.

Please accept my contact info for your group should anyone be in the vicinity of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and need help.

Even though I ride an HD, I’ve been wrenching BMWs professionally for 30 years and my shop includes a bike lift, tire machine and digital balancer (I cleaned out the bike shop when it closed!)

Please express our gratitude to your fine group and know we will be in touch next year to attend another excellent group ride.

Richard and Connie Gamble

– – – –

Rich & Connie, you’re always welcome to run with us Space Coast BMW Riders, and thanks for the kind words. Safe travels to you when you head back home.

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