Jan, 2018 ride to Seminole Rest

Our mid month ride departed in a balmy 61 degrees from the  W. Melbourne rally point.  The riders departed town, going west on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway towards Deer Park. The group, all BMWs, consisted of four Waterheads, two Hexheads, a Camhead, an Oilhead, an 800 parallel twin, a 650 thumper and a 55 year old Slash 2. Sadly technical gremlins slowed the /2 to a crawl and its owner had to nurse it back to base. The rest of the group arrived on time and in good spirits. Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant did not disappoint. We were tended to by an excellent and knowledgeable server and the food was tasty. After lunch it was short hop to Seminole Rest.

The ‘flight’ lined up outside the park.

The Restaurant and Seminole Rest both received a significant pummeling from hurricane Irma. Goodrich’s lost their deck and much of the dock. All has since been rebuilt.  The structures on Seminole Rest survived but many of the old live oaks and ancient cedar trees did not

Lastly, we’d like to point out . . . even though several rides of late have been in the 50’s and low 60’s, we’re busy riding for sure.  We’ve seen some nice mid-Florida, east coastal sites.  No beemer or Euro rider in this area need wonder if there is a local group and whether we ride.  There is and we do!  Bring your cool weather gear and meet us for the next one (couple weekends from now)!

Links to other pictures, courtesy of Ed J.:



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