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East central Florida has several advantages benefiting us regarding getting out and riding. Most of us are 10-15 minutes from Florida cattle county which has numerous infrequently traveled two and some four lane roads. You will see various wildlife, sometimes standing in the middle of the road, to include ibis, cranes, turkeys, deer, occasional gators flopping around in nearby lakes and many smaller four legged animals too. SR 192 out of Melbourne, SRs 50 and 528 up north and 60 in the south will take you to St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Orlando or points north, or Lakeland and over to Tampa in the southern areas. In the larger area, some members have ridden to Lake Okeechobee or to Sebring and camped overnite. Others have ridden north and camped at Camp Blanding in support of BMW NE Florida motorcycle events.

7/30 Group Ride

Sunday, July 30, some of the Space Coast BMW riders rode down to Marsh Landing. Dan, from Sales at Power BMW Motorcycles, Palm Bay rode with us too. He showed us a different way to get to the Marsh which added more curves to the ride (didn’t think there were any!)  A good time and we managed to avoid the rain.  Also making the ride–   Marty (back from his National Rally pilgrimage), Ed J. & Debbie J and two new riders, Elian and Brian.

From Ed’s helmet cam!

6/24 Ride to Sebring

Tom Blake of the Florida Motorcycle Sport Touring Asscn invited local beemer riders to ride to the Sebring airport restaurant for a Saturday brunch.  Melbourne area riders met-up at the RaceTrac gas station at Malabar Rd and Babcock St (just east of I-95).  We rode down to Fellsmere, picked up another FMSTA rider and proceeded to the Sebring airport, getting there about 9:15 am.  The airport restaurant is barely 150 ft away from one of the race course turns . . . one can practically hear the echoes of an Audi Diesel or Porsche 911 hurtling around the circuit.  Their group had riders from south Florida, Gulf-side and NW of Orlando in attendance.  A good turnout.

We had a pleasant 90 minute brunch with 20+ FMSTA members, the food and service recommended by all.  Once finished, we broke up into smaller groups for the trek home.  The ride back was a bit challenging with upper 80’s and low 90’s temps and being all geared up, full face helmets, etc.  The effects of dehydration were in evidence to your scribe (loss of concentration) but thankfully a “pit stop” at Yahoo Junction remedied that problem. We encountered some of our other m/c brothers of the V-Twin variety . . . ‘do-rags, leather vests, wallets on chains, half or no helmets . . . quite the contrasting approach to safety gear!  But, it’s all good, right?      🙂      Once in Palm Bay, we headed to the BMW m/c dealer (again!) for air conditioning, water and to kick some tires!!!

5/27 Ride and Meet up

To area beemer owners and enthusiasts:

Last Saturday’s group ride was quite well attended  . . . numerous years and styles of BMW bikes joined up.  We rode down to Marsh Landing in Fellsmere for breakfast.  For trip home, en masse, we rode north on SR 507 (which becomes Babcock) and headed for the new BMW dealer.  We spent another two hours looking at some of Munich’s latest & finest two wheeled machinery.  David (GM), Daniel (Sales) and Shawn (Parts/Service) could not have been nicer, spending much of their time with us.

Wednesday night’s (5/31) Jason’s Deli meet-up was also best attendance in a long time. Local rider buzz (thanks to new dealer) is definitely on the increase.  David, Dan and Shawn came by for dinner and we had a nice talk with them about motorcycles, riding in FL, SEC football and  .  .  .  (of all things) hockey!  If you haven’t been by Jason’s in Melbourne on Wed evening and have a BMW or other Euro bike, or are thinking about getting one; stop by and have dinner with us.

Shout-outs to Jim and Camille (who rode their LT), Bill, who came to the group ride and Jason’s Deli on his R100RT and Terry who came over to Jason’s on his GS Adventure.  Nice folks and hope to see ya’ll again on future rides and Wed. evenings!

Game changer for Space Coast beemer fans


Who’d a thunk it?  Melbourne/Palm Bay and adjoining areas have our own BMW motorcycle dealer.  Say what!  No more braving the traffic jammed Orlando metropolis . . no more pilgrimages up or down I-95 or cross peninsula treks . . . but here in our own backyard!!!  David (the GM), Dan and Shawn are great guys.  Maybe later expansion into Triumphs too.

FRF Powersports      190 Interstate Crt., SE      Palm Bay, FL  32909       321 215-2065

Space Coast BMW Riders on the long ride

Glenn B. and Marty S. departed the national BMW Rally for trip back home to Melbourne.  Join us at Jason’s Deli Wed eve., to hear stories from the road . . . I’m sure they have a few to tell!








Additionally, Chuck B. (our resident Florida to Alaska rider) is riding throughout eastern Canada to visit historic lighthouses.  He’s currently in Nova Scotia.  Certainly an interesting trip and different riding environment than Glenn and Marty have faced.  Those of us back here wish him all the best.

Melbourne “wrench” resource

Many thanks to the techs at PJ Cycles at 500 North Drive, Melb. 32934  Phone 321/241-4977.  They did some electrical troubleshooting on my R1100R and were very gracious about total charges.  These guys are a decent BMW knowledgeable resource and easy to work with.  Yes, a V Twin shop at first glance, but they can get your beemer going!  Saw a Kawasaki and Ducati in there too.  Highly recommended.


Feb 3 Ride report

Six riders turned up at Sam’s Club gas station for this ad-hoc weekday ride and decided to ride to the Griffis Cafe on SR441 in Keenansville for lunch.  The weather was great, sunny with temps in the mid-70’s.  We went west on SR192 to SR441 then south until we were stopped cold by a line of traffic for an accident about 1/2 mile south.  A tractor trailer dump truck had overturned and the recovery efforts were blocking the road.  We walked around, communed with nature, chatted with other drivers and waited for about an hour until the road reopened.  Turned out we were only 2 miles from the Griffis Cafe, which was packed with others waiting for the traffic to clear up.

We ordered and talked for about an hour before we got our food, but it was OK since we enjoyed the conversation.  Two of our riders had been there the day before and had raved about the food.  On our visit, they were slammed with customers and we were about 45 mins behind schedule.  Leaving there we proceeded south to SR60, east to CR512 to Fellsmere, then Babcock St. north into Brevard County and home.

All in all, a good ride of approx. 125 miles on a pleasant day.  The periodic weekday ride does show promise and we’ll continue them.